Wireless light synchronization

A proprietary software running on a radio microprocessor allows seamless communication between lamps without any additional external device or specific installation.

Any lamp controls all other lamps in range.

A battery powered device (eventually featuring our motion detection) can be added to the system to control all lamps.

Position detection

Position is recognized by a cutting edge accelerometer chip coupled with a tiny microprocessor running a custom software.

A successfully recognised position triggers a light status update or send a command to other similar lamps. 

Positions are customised based on the product characteristics.

Low voltage dimming

Our range of 12V/24V double output dimmers feature capacitive touch and wireless light synchronization to enable new user experiences like never before.

Dimming output and behaviour can be completely customised upon request.

Apple Home Kit

Our technology can be make compatible with Apple Home Kit ecosystem.

We can develop a product compatible with Apple Home Kit and main smart speakers on the market.